Clean Up Day 2020


PILOT took part in Clean Up Australia day. You won’t believe how much trash we collected.


The idea behind Clean Up Australia day is to ignite community spirit and inspire all generations to care for our local environment.

It shows what can be achieved when people work together to make a positive difference to our planet.

Taking place on 1st March 2020 in Mornington Park, the participants made their way over to Royal Beach and Fishermans Beach and proceeded to collect all the rubbish they could carry. 

The event was well attended by 35 volunteers from across the Peninsula. 

Luke Woollard of PILOT Body Corporate who organised the event said “It was a fun day and the community spirit was out in full force”

So how much trash did we collect?
In 2 short hours we collected 8 x large bags full of rubbish weighing approximately 150kg. Two of those bags were filled with bottles and other recyclables.


What were the most common items collected?

  • Cigarette butts

  • Plastic food wrappers/packaging

  • Countless microplastic pieces

Event highlights

  • Meeting a diverse group of community members from Scientists and Accountants to Yoga teachers and school age children

  • One young participant found a $5 note which was the first piece of rubbish collected

  • Giving the official participation certificates to the younger team members


We’re proud to have taken part in Clean Up Australia Day. It demonstrates that simple actions can have a big positive impact on our environment. Thank you for taking part.

PILOT Body Corporate was the organiser and business supporter of the official Clean Up Australia Day 2020 event for Mornington Park & Beaches.

Founded by Ian Kiernan, AO in 1993, Clean Up Australia is one of the country’s most recognised and trusted environmental organisations, inspiring and empowering communities to clean up, fix up and conserve our environment. More than 17.7 million Australians have participated in a Clean Up activity over the past 30 years and over that time 35 million hours of volunteer time have been donated to Clean Up activities benefiting our environment.

For more information, contact:

Luke Woollard

Managing Director
(03) 5976 1273 



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