Emergency contact


The numbers below are for trade contractors who can provide emergency services when PILOT® is closed during non-business hours.


Owners acknowledge that by arranging a trade contractor directly, they agree with the DISCLAIMER below and understand if the issue is not related to the common property, the owner is to pay for the invoice, directly to the contractor upon completion of works.

DISCLAIMER: Responsibility for repairs and maintenance rests with the owners corporation (“OC“) and individual Lot owners. The Manager is not liable for any defects in the OC property. The Manager is not required to inspect OC property or attend itself to any repairs and maintenance or other works. The OC acknowledges that it is the entity in control of the premises and accepts obligations to ensure safety of any persons at the premises. The OC will ensure compliance under the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 (Vic) (“OHS Act”). The OC and the individual Lot owners indemnifies the Manager against claims for the loss or damage as a result of any breach by the OC under the OHS Act or as a result of selecting any contractor on this list to perform works for either the OC or an individual Lot owner. This is a convenience directory of trades contractors which has been developed with regard to the professional reputation & track record for quality work performed for PILOT’s customers. PILOT® is not a  responsible in any way for the conduct or work performance of the contractors on this list or on the complete list of trades contractors kept by PILOT®.

All emergency works 24 hours
Insurance claim Make safes
Break in repairs
Structural emergencies
Roof leaks / Water damage
Motorised garage doors/gates
Automatic & other doors

Priority One Building Services

1300 148 473 

Other specialised trades


Beel Plumbing

1800 013 937

Glass repairs

Express Glass

1300 666 234

O'Brien Glass

1800 719 857


Jordan's Lighting & Electricians

(03) 5975 5745



1300 594 903

Commercial Garage & Roller Doors

Motorised Gates

Cowan Doors

03 9587 8750

Storm / Flood / Earthquake

State Emergency Service

132 500

Life threatening - Illegal / Health / Fire


Dial 000


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