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We are a group of industry thinkers and doers. Our unique culture is open, everyone is a leader.

Luke Woollard 

Managing Director


With over 14 years experience, Luke drives the vision for PILOT® and ensures customers success. Luke takes a dynamic approach to business and uses original creative thinking to deliver you the best results. Having founded the Pilot business, Luke identified gaps in the marketplace and brings a new solution to Body Corporate management. A new solution that is purpose driven and guided by Pilot’s unique ‘Discover Simplexity’ philosophy. 



Rebecca Tyler

Body Corporate Associate

With over 20 years experience, Rebecca leads engagements for PILOT® and enables project success. Rebecca is an enthusiastic professional who is as passionate about the industry today as she was when starting out in her career. Rebecca is people focused with much empathy for people around her. With experience from leading real estate firms and leading academic qualifications, Rebecca is committed to ensuring the delivery of PILOT’s ‘Discover Simplexity’ philosophy and that she is with you all the way.

Jo Robinson

Body Corporate Assistant Manager

With over 15 years experience, Jo leads engagements for PILOT® and is passionate about making a positive difference to the lives of people. Jo is a multi-disciplined real estate professional. Her helpful solutions are tailored for the individual needs of our valued clients. With experience in leading real estate firms and leading academic education, Jo is authentic as an individual and effective as a consultant. Jo is purpose driven to deliver PILOT's 'Discover Simplexity' philosophy.

Grant Douglas

Assistant Manager


Grant leads projects for PILOT® and enables their success. Grant is an accomplished OC manager who uses a calm focus to deliver controlled outcomes. Prior to PILOT, Grant worked with a national OC management firm. Grant has the complete skilset to deliver PILOT’s ‘Discover Simplexity’ philosophy.




For more information, contact:

Luke Woollard

Managing Director
(03) 5976 1273 



About PILOT®

Pilot’s business purpose is to ‘make a positive difference to the lives of people’. Therefore, this purpose is exactly what you can expect from us. When we say we will do, we will do. We do Body Corporate management through our unique ‘Discover Simplexity’ approach, which is delivered through our three specialist offerings including: strategic, administration and network solutions. Our offering is extended to ambitious developers, investors and live-in owners and delivers best to their goals with longer term partnerships.

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