People in need


We believe in breaking the endless cycle of poverty and building simple clean housing for those in need - locally and further afield.


In some parts of the world, people don’t have homes of their own and are forced to live in makeshift housing in rubbish dumps.


We deliver ongoing community aid to Quezon City in Manila Philippines. This aid is through its Agents of Mercy campaign that is in partnership with World Relief Australia. We love Australia, and we also love our closest neighbours. Our future depends on working together. 


Unfortunately, the people most affected by poverty are powerless to end the cycle. In-line with our purpose, one of our great missions is to put a roof over the heads of the world’s most disadvantaged and set them on the path to a better life. We have reached 40% of our goal to date. 


We’re reaching out to our valued supporters to ask for a donation. Anything you can contribute is valuable and will make a difference. You can make a tax deductible donation on our secure website with our registered charity partner World Relief Australia. 



For more information, contact:

Luke Woollard

Managing Director
(03) 5976 1273 



About PILOT®

Pilot’s business purpose is to ‘make a positive difference to the lives of people’. Therefore, this purpose is exactly what you can expect from us. When we say we will do, we will do. We do Body Corporate management through our unique ‘Discover Simplexity’ approach, which is delivered through our three specialist offerings including: strategic, administration and network solutions. Our offering is extended to ambitious developers, investors and live-in owners and delivers best to their goals with longer term partnerships.

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